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Stable labelled proteins and ready-to-use kits for protein quantification by mass spectrometry

Recognized expertise in mass spectrometry-based quantification methods
Unique know-how for the production of Stable Isotope Labelled proteins

About our company 

Promise Proteomics was created in 2010 as a spin-off of CEA Grenoble. This medtech is currently wholly owned by the Aguettant group and is directed by Dr Eric Rougemond.

Its business model is based on a range of services in bioproduction and on the development of products to label and quantify proteins in biological samples.
Since 2013, Promise has been a partner in an innovative and ambitious R&D programme which has allowed it to develop its technology, on which the diagnostic kits for personalised medical applications are based.

Capitalising on its unique know-how in the production of internal standards for protein assays and its recognised expertise in mass spectrometry-based quantification methods,

Promise Proteomics is placing its skills at the service of health care professionals through its mAb-X-mise kits


Promise Proteomics

Experience and Innovation
for targeted protein quantification

Promise Proteomics provides  stable isotope labelled proteins (SIL proteins)  for the quantification of proteins in biological samples.


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