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Quantification of therapeutic monoclonal
antibodies in complex matrices

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are increasingly being used for treatment of a variety of diseases leading to an increasing interest into researching how the amount of these biotherapeutics relates to response, potential side effects and cost effectiveness.

Promise approach & developments

For clinical research scientists, Promise Proteomics has developed a kit-based approach comprising a sample preparation of both reagents and consumables combined with optimised LC-MS protocols to supply reproducible workflows that can be easily implemented and operated.

Unlike immunoassays which require mAb specific reagents, our methodology benefits from the use of stable isotopically labelled, the ideal internal standards, combined with an LC-MS read out that provides optimal specificity and rapid quantitation as well as enabling multiplex analysis of different mAbs.

The feasibility of Promise’s approach has been tested within clinical research studies demonstrating the reliability and robustness of the overall workflow. Published data from these studies has highlighted how our technology offers distinct advantages over immunoassays for quantification of Mab drugs.