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Custom Production of SIL proteins

Promise Proteomics offers custom production of
stable isotope labelled therapeutic proteins or protein biomarkers.

Clients can obtain their own bespoke “gold standard” internal standard for use in quantitative protein LC-MS enabling accurate & reproducible data for early stage R &D, preclinical or clinical research studies.

For each project, we will work 
in close collaboration to perfectly fit 
the technical options to client requirements.

We currently offer a variety of expression systems, E. coli, yeast (Pichia Pastoris and Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) or mammalian cells (HEK and CHO) that have been fully optimized for labelled proteins production.

Protein production is supported by stringent standard quality control: SDS-PAGE, sequence analysis using LC-MS/MS and control of isotope incorporation are monitored as standard.

Additional service, such as specific post-translational modification of custom produced proteins and additional quality control steps are available on request.

Further up upscale production and optimization of purification process can be provided when larger amounts are required


Working with
Promise Proteomics

Maximize the success of your project.

Promise Proteomics offers its clients a broad experience in

  • labelled protein production
  • fully-optimised expression technologies

and a rapid development time for each custom project.

Production Key Points

Expression systems optimised
for stable labelled protein production

  • Microbial E. coli & Yeast- Pichia Pastoris & Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Mammalian CHO & HEK cells
    mAbs are made in CHO/HEK cells with specific labelling

More than 100 labelled proteins
& mAbs have been produced

  • Small protein : IGF-1 (7 kDa)
  • Large protein : mAbs (150 kDa)
  • Protein complexes

Labelling (non-radioactive)

  • Specific labelling [13C,15N]Arg, [13C,15N] Lys
  • Uniform labelling U15N

Custom production services

  • Production can be under confidentiality agreements

Production scale up by PX’ Therapeutics

PX’Therapeutics offers customized recombinant protein production for scientists performing early stage drug development or basic research who require mg/g scale of proteins for preliminary studies.

The customized protein production services utilises bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells from molecular biology to process development. These processes are robust, transferable and well established from previous experience with over 1000 client projects.

Several proteins and expression systems can be tested in parallel optimizing timelines and costs. There is particular expertise in production of untagged proteins, benefiting immunogenicity studies, and there is experience in protein refolding addressing a fundamental challenge of recombinant protein expression. Protein production is supported by an analytical platform offering both functional and characterization capabilities.

The benefits of PX’Therapeutics’ services is to provide flexibility and reactivity for a one-time service or a continuous program enabling the scientists to move protein projects more rapidly and adopt series of different protein studies.