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Digestif - Unlabelled


Quality control of tryptic digestion


No labelling


The DIGESTIF standard consists of a soluble recombinant protein scaffold to which a set of 11 artificial peptides (iRT peptides) with good ionization properties has been incorporated. In the protein scaffold, the amino acids flanking iRT peptide cleavage sites were selected to either favor or hinder protease cleavage.

After sample processing, the retention time and relative intensity pattern of the released iRT peptides can be used to assess the quality of sample workup, the extent of digestion and the performance of the LC-MS system. Thus, DIGESTIF can be used to standardize a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from simple replicate measurements up to large-scale biomarker screenings in biomedical applications.

This product is for research use only and is not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use.