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Stable isotope-labelled proteins

Why integrate stable isotope-labelled proteins into your studies ?

A stable isotope-labelled protein (SIL) has the same sequence as native protein. One or more atoms are substituted for one of their stable non-radioative isotope. The difference between the protein and the SIL-protein is a small mass increase brought by the isotopes.

The main features of SIL proteins are :


  • Accuracy and reliability Stable isotope labelled proteins serve as an internal standard, reducing variations due to experimental conditions and improving the reliability of results.
  • Absolute quantification SIL proteins enable absolute quantification, as they are incorporated into the sample at the beginning of sample preparation, thus correcting for all bias. This means optimal quantification performances.
  • Stable and easy to manipulate SIL-proteins are available off the shelf or synthetize on demand by Promise team. They are highly stable, easy to manipulate, are not affected by degradation or aggregation as heavy peptides and they enable quantification using multiple peptides.


We recommend you to test SIL-proteins if you are looking for robustness & reliability while having a solution easy to handle.
SIL-proteins are the solution of choice to accelerate the development of your quantitative assays using mass spectrometry.


To explore our new catalogue and discover how these SIL proteins can transform your research, browse our catalog: