Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Breakthrough technology to monitor biotherapies

PROMISE technology for improved and personalized treatment

Monoclonal antibodiesĀ  offer unprecedented opportunity for drug development with remarkable efficiency and safety and have significantly improved the prognosis of more than 14 millions patients with newdeclared cancersĀ  and patients currently living with chronic inflammatory disease.


These new drugs can be used either as a monotherapy or in combination, strenghening the therapeutic Armamentarium of the clinicians. In this context, therapeutic monitoring of biotherapy has become a new preoccupation for clinicians.


It consists in monitoring the clearance of a monoclonal antibody, injected alone or in combination, in the serum of a patient. Thus, biotherapies monitoring enables:

  • to determine precisely and objectively the patient response to a treatment.
  • to better control efficiency while anticipating therapeutic escape and side effects.


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