Targeted Protein Quantification

Discover absolute accuracy with PROMISE labelled proteins

Promise provides labelled proteins and LC-MS assays for the absolute quantification of proteins in biological samples.

  • Innovative in the fields of therapeutic proteins, biomarkers and quality controls, Promise offers a brand new prospect for your business.
  • Promise brings you the most powerful quantitative proteomics approaches, Stable Isotopically Labelled proteins (SIL-proteins), which are described as the gold standards for protein quantification : your proteins are specifically quantified with the highest levels of accuracy.
  • With this wealth of experience, Promise helps its customers in the development of customized solutions for their projects: Biomarkers evaluation & validation, Pharmakokinetics studies of your biotherapeutics, stability studies of your proteins…


Each project is unique for us:
our ambition is to provide you with an optimal and
customized solution to make the success
of your project.