Experience and Innovation for targeted protein quantification

Promise Advanced Proteomics is a company based in Grenoble, FRANCE, created in 2010. It is a 100% subsidiary of the company Aguettant Biotech.


Promise offers expert products and services in quantitative proteomics. Promise uses innovative mass spectrometry-based technologies to address protein absolute quantification in biological samples.


Our products are especially suitable for:

  • Biomarkers evaluation and validation: the labelled proteins will allow you to get highly reliable and reproducible quantification data while bringing ultimate quantification accuracy. They are ready-to-use, packaged to be highly stable. With the labelled proteins, you will spike a controlled concentration in your samples and you will minimize risks of errors and waste of time.
  • Pharmacokinetics studies of biotherapeutics: Promise has an extensive experience in labelled proteins production for projects aiming at performing PK studies using LC-MS assay. Over the past years, Promise was involved in collaborative R&D projects with industrial pharmaceutical partners having high-level expertise in monoclonal antibodies development.
  • Development of Certified Reference Materials
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring


PROMISE protects its innovative developments by national and international patents and brands. These rights secure the exclusive marketing of our unique products and thus contribute to the economic success of our company.