Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Breakthrough technology to enhance monoclonal antibody-based treatment

Starter kit for mAb dosage


Starter kit for implementation of mAb dosage.

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PROMISE has developed a unique solution, dedicated to therapeutic drug monitoring of monoclonal antibodies, combining a full-length labelled mAb standard, a generic preparation process for human serum preparation, and a targeted LC-MS approach. The complete solution developed by PROMISE allows to implement rapidly therapeutic monitoring of mAbs in your lab using LC-MS.


Reagents & Consumables provided:

  • Digested Trastuzumab & Cetuximab light antibodies
  • Consumables, reagents & solutions for sample preparation, including trypsin.
  • Quality controls for sample preparation


Support provided: 

  • days training on site.
  • Sample preparation protocol & LC-MS methods.


Solutions & Equipments required: 

  • Solvents for LC-MS analysis: formic acid, acetonitrile.
  • Vacuum manifold + pump (suited for 96 well plates)
  • Speed-vacuum or gas evaporator
  • 37°C oven or thermomixer (for sample digestion).
  • LC-MS instrument